We’re Engaged!

Engagement; an exciting time full of possibilities. A time where you feel supported, and cared for…

I’m talking about social media engagement.

While social media is largely about sharing and interaction, there is a surprising lack of the latter from brands wishing to promote their product.

Instead, there is an expectation of success without any hard work or personal communication, which is ultimately a new business’ Achilles Heel.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 1.38.16 PM

One company that understands the value of direct, personal communication and fostering an online community is that of The Goulet Pen Company, a company specialising in ink, wax and fountain pens – an incredibly specific niche of the business market. A study conducted by Trevor Young, founder of the PR Warrior, shows that through the actions of founders Rachel and Brian Goulet, The Goulet Pen company has been incredibly successful due to their ability to personally connect not only with customers, but also social media enthusiasts. At only 6 years old, the company already has 30 people on their payroll, and continues to have a stead annual growth of 50-100% per year. Mr Young found that a bulk of their success is driven by their consistent social media use; a beautifully constructed blog with a steady following, expertly produced Youtube Videos that produce weekly videos that focus on answering their followers’ questions, as well as very responsive Facebook and Twitter pages. Rachel Goulet even goes as far as to answer questions on Reddit, a brutally honest and sometimes controversial social platform.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.48.31 AM

Having direct interaction with customers and potential buyers over an array of social media platforms is so important in launching a business, and is essential in its success.

As Mr Young expresses, ‘There is just one silver bullet [when it comes to success on social media], albeit it’s coated in gold and it’s a longer term solution. It’s called humanity.’


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