The Art of Chain Giveaways

A social media tactic that had always intrigued me was the art of the ‘chain giveaway’. If you’re an avid social media user, the concept would be very familiar, as you may have experienced these giveaways very frequently popping up on your feed. But how effective are they, really?

Elle & Company, a web design and promotion company, recently revealed results from participating in their first ever chain giveaway, also including the breakdown and tactics that many brands utilize to ensure the best possible outcome in terms of visibility and gaining followers.

Firstly, the company chose to partner up with likeminded brands as to ensure that their target demographic was to reach its full potential. Secondly, they chose a prize that was specifically catered to this demographic as to ensure engagement. Thirdly, they posted the photo, with the conditions of entry being that participants follow all brands tagged in the post.

After the conclusion of the competition, Elle & Company looked extensively into their figures to determine their success. They expressed that it was hard to track exact figures due to the size of the competition and the fact that Instagram doesn’t use many tracking options to determine how far the post reached other than likes and followers.

In terms of followers, the brand gained 3,000 and at the conclusion of the competition, lost 900 once the prize was announced.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 1.27.16 PM

So are chain giveaways a successful social media tactic?

In terms of gaining followers quickly, absolutely. However, there is no guarantee that these followers will continue to follow and engage in posts into the near future, let alome long term.

The brands visibility does increase, however as there is no definitive way to track exactly how much it increases, it’s difficult to determine if this visibility is beneficial in the long term.


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